SysInfoTools IE Password Recovery

SysInfoTools IE Password Recovery 1.0

A tool for easily recovering lost logins and passwords for Internet Explorer
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SysInfo Tools IE Password Recovery is a simple and light software application designed to allow you to recover - quickly and easily, and regardless of their length - all the lost or forgotten logins and passwords that you used with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The program allows you to see the recovered passwords in a readable format.

It results especially useful when you manage several e-mail addresses, bank accounts, social networks accounts, and other similar password-protected websites - then, you can easily forget a login or password. It has a friendly and a very simple interface that allows you to recover your information in three different ways. All you have to do is go through a list searching for the website whose login information you want to recover, right-click on it, and choose the specific data you want to copy to your clipboard - login, password, or website address. You can also save these to a disk file. This tool even allows you to store all your recovered logins and passwords, so that you can avoid the trouble of forgetting and recovering them again.

It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions from XP to 7, and also supports all versions of Internet Explorer.

Ricardo Soria
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